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Violin Trio

ORFEO STRINGS is dedicated to various aspects of music: instrument sales, performance services and music tuition.

Instrument Sales
In our showroom you will find a nice selection of new and antique stringed instruments and their bows. With our continued effort to bring the best accessories from around the world to our customers, we are now acknowledged by the music circle as the source for quality products.

Performance Services
Being the first company in Hong Kong to provide professional performance services, we have since established ourselves as the most reputable music performance company. We have performed in many prestigious venues and our name is particularly well-known among the wedding service

providers (e.g. hotels, wedding planners, decoration companies, photographers).

Music Tuition
Our attachment to professional musicians has enabled us to join in the

establishment of a music school where quality teaching is the mission.

Young musicians learning under the direction of experienced teachers will

develop a strong foundation for future technical requirements and that is

the reason why the School has a stringent policy

in accepting teachers. The School specializes

in the teaching of stringed instruments where

detailed course structure has been developed

to ensure quality and progress.